Game Review: Blank Slate

Party games are a great way to bring a group to the table and have some fun. Flipping cards, matching pictures and drawing all sorts of doodles on small boards are often the most popular mechanisms in this genre and have been done in a variety of ways. But what if we bring a little different mechanic to the group and see how it plays out? That is what we have in the game from USAopoly called Blank Slate!



Blank Slate is for 2-8 players and plays in about 20-35 mins. The box contains:

-Card box with 250 double sided cards

-Score board

-8 dry-erase markers

-8 dry-erase slates

-Rule sheet

How to Play:

The goal of the game is to score 25 points before any other players. Scoring is done as follows:

If exactly two players write the same word, each of them earns 3 points

If more than two players write the same word, each of them earns 1 point

All others players that do not match anything get no points

Gameplay begins with each player picking a slate that gives them the color of their bar on the score pad. Each player should also grab a dry-erase marker to use. Assign a game Selector who will draw the first card from the draw side of the box and read the card aloud. This card will also be placed in the middle of the table face-up for all to see.

In the Answer phase each player has to try and predict what answer only one other player would choose. You write down your word choice in secret and each other player does the same. Reveal the words starting the person to the left of the Selector one by one and look for matches as per the above scoring rules.

Once scores are determined, you place the card to the back of the box and pass the Selector to the left and continue play. This will continue until someone reaches 25 points in which case that person is declared the winner!


What could be better:

Length of play: This game often feels like once you get behind it is difficult to catch up to the rest of the pack. With multiple players it can make it easier to avoid one other player who is well ahead, but I wonder if a score count that went higher would help alleviate that from games.

What I liked:

Game play: The variety of cards for the game is solid-having so many double sided cards means you unlikely to run into the same cards over and over in multiple games. I appreciate the variety for games and it makes it easier to keep things fresh.

Party: This game works so well with multiple players in a party like atmosphere. It is light and fun and easy to play on the couch, at the table or just about anywhere. Little to no table space is required and you can enjoy it while still having conversation with the group.


Blank Slate brings some new life into the party game atmosphere. The quick play, silly word choices and inclusion of everyone all at once in each turn makes this fun multi-player game a keeper in my collection. We have played it with friends and family of all ages who have had a fun time answering, guessing and laughing at all of the responses on the slates played. Make sure to get your hands on this game if you are looking for a new addition to add to your personal “slate” of party games!

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