Game Review: Monster Match

In the small town you live in, there is only one way to earn money. That one job is making doughnuts. However, the town has a small problem. This problem is a gigantic monster infestation! These monsters are stealing all the doughnuts, and only you can stop them! Monster Match is a new game from North Star Games for 2-6 players. 



2 custom dice

Monster cards

Zilch button


How to play:

The game is played in turns until the game ends. On your turn you will roll the 2 dice. The body part die has 6 sides and 3 different possible faces, the eyes, the legs, and the arms. The number die has 6 sides as well, ranging from 0-5. After you roll the dice, you must touch a monster with the appendages listed by the die. As an example of a turn: you roll 3 and legs. You must touch a monster with 3 legs as fast as possible. However, if there are no monsters that match the roll, touch the zilch as fast as possible. Then the person who first touched the zilch gets the top card of the deck, and next, deal 10 more monsters out onto the table. The game ends when you cannot deal anymore monsters.

The best unique part of this speed game is the idea that not just one person wins each round, there can be more than one that is able to touch a matching monster. This gives everyone at the table a chance still and really evens out the play for all people at the table.


What I like:

The simplicity of the game. Almost anyone can learn the game. It is a good one to introduce to gamers and non-gamers alike, as they will all be able to play this and catch on quickly. 

The little package for the game, it is so simple and cute! The design alone will draw people into it!

Something that could be better:

The person with the fastest reflexes almost always wins a turn. Each time you play, the same person may often win. This can be changed with trying to put younger players close to the action to help balance out the hand quickness of all the players involved. 


This game is a wonderful play for all ages-it is a fun games for kids and adults and plays well with a large number of people. The play is fast and simple, but always exciting to win or lose. I recommend this game to people of all ages!

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