Game Review: Drop It

Kosmos delivers a great family game!

Circles, triangles, squares and diamonds: Drop It is about letting go, with the pieces you drop landing somewhere in the vertical game board, ideally where they’ll score the most points. When you play you have to really watch out because the tiles bounce around and don’t always land where you expect them to!


  • 36 wooden shapes in 4 colors:(12 circles, 8 squares, 8 triangles, and 8 diamonds.)
  • Plastic board
  • 4 side inserts:(2 color restrictions and 2 shape restrictions.)
  • 2 dual sided bottom restrictors







Each player is given the shapes that match their player color to begin. Drop It is played in turns.  On your turn, you will drop one shape into the game and turns will pass doing that until everyone has played all their pieces.

There are three restrictions for whether or not your shape will score points.

Restriction No. 1 is the color. A shape can not touch the same color.

Restriction No.2 is the shape. A shape can not touch the same shape.

The 3rd restriction is the sides. You must not allow a matching color or shape to touch the sides where it is not allowed to.

After a shape is dropped, it is immediately scored. If a shape is moved by another shape after it is dropped, it does not matter, as shapes are scored right after they are dropped.  The game ends when all shapes are dropped.

There are also circles on the board. A shape touching a large circle is worth one extra point. A shape touching a medium circle is worth two extra points. A shape touching a small circle is worth three extra points.


Things that are less than optimal:

  • There are always very close calls. This can make it very difficult to discern whether or not your get the points. It requires you to really have a sharp eye and in bad lighting that can be hard to determine.


  • Quick gameplay. This can be good and bad, but when you want to play something that is going to take more to get into, this isn’t it. It plays fast and is a good filler for that reason.


Things I liked:


  • How the shapes tumble. This makes the shapes almost impossible to drop perfectly.  The shapes also slip out from underneath each other which adds to the fun overall.


  • The way the game scores. The circles and tilted sides make the game’s shape dropping much more of a challenge with the point sides.



This game is a lot of fun to play and really seems to bring a challenge to players of all ages. I like that it can be played by kids and adults and still do well at it. I recommend checking out this fun game with your family or friends and have fun laying down all the shapes!


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