Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity Campaign Box Basic Action Cards

Welcome back Dice fans! For those looking for their Dice Masters spoilers fix, have I got one for you! The new Avengers Infinity campaign box set to release August 1st from Wizkids was sent to us here to review so I have a first look at these basic action cards for you!


Blam! Blam! Blam!

Check out this card where you can deal damage equal to the the lowest opposing defense to all opposing character dice. If it doesn’t get you a KO, it at least preps you a die. Good use regardless of how it lines up for you even if your opponent doesn’t have characters out. It will help wipe a field of sidekicks also.






Under Surveillance

This BAC will replace the old Spec Ops card, giving you an unblockable die at level 1 and the ability through the global to spin one dice down 1 level with a double mask payment.







Take Cover

This BAC will boost the defense of all your characters and really boost one on the bursts up to +5D. The global can be a great way to keep your characters on the field during combat.








This basic action is continuous and will allow you to reset the field giving characters back to their original owners and return temporary fielded dice to where they came.








Squad Goals

This BAC will allow you to roll and use dice for all the different energy types you have in the field. This is a great way to add more to your pool and with something like Spot you are drawing and rolling a load of dice.







Raised Shields

Two target characters get a buff and then with the bursts they get overcrush as well. Gotta love the global also to give us another way to buff characters with bolts again!








I Want You!

This BAC is bringing back another old favorite, the chance to force all the characters of a certain energy type to come through and be taunted into an attack. It is continuous, so you can plant it in the field and use it when you need to as well.







Crowd Fighting

This card will allow you to deal 1, 2, or 3 damage to all opposing character dice. Kind of an expensive way to do it at a 4 cost but effective in sweeping damage.








Confront The Mighty

This card at a cheap 2 cost will allow you to buff one of your character dice with a big opponent’s defense and then hit each other and deal their defense as damage to that character. Definitely a great counter to control dice like Blob!







Big Entrance

The original favorite from War of Light, this card has been changed to add Impulse to match the ability. A great card to prep and roll bought dice quickly.








What are your thoughts? Share them below! Also…. there are more spoilers to come!

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