GwS Podcast: Ep. 1 – It Begins!

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Gaming With Sidekicks Podcast where we discuss the games with like with the people we love! Each cast we’ll discuss various topics in the board gaming world, and hopefully offer some insight into games, strategy, new releases, reviews and so much more!

This week’s topics include:

What are you currently playing? – (1:28)

What App based games are you playing? – (7:00)

Game of the Month! – (13:35)

Like that? Try THIS! – (19:30)

Kickstarter Games News – (24:55)

Final Thoughts – (34:15)


Games discussed:

Potion Explosion


Grimm Forest

Jaipur (iOS app)

Star Realms (iOS app)


King of Tokyo

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles


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