Fall 2017 WKO Results Australia

Results from 1-20-18

Hello Dice Masters fans! Today I wanted to post a report on a recent WKO that occurred in Australia for the Fall season. The event took place 1-20-18 and was a modern constructed event with sets available up through Tomb of Annihilation.

Congrats to Eduardo Couto for winning the whole event and thank you to Andy Horne for reporting the information to us!

The top 4 teams were as follows:


Eduardo Couto:

Stone Golem – Lesser Construct
Boom Boom – Meltdown
Mr Miracle – Death Defying
Scarlet Witch – careful with what you wish for
Dwarf Wizard – paragon zentarin
Madame Masque – Nefaria’s Schemes
Shriek – Sonic Boom
Rip Hunter Chalkboard – when am i?
Splinter’s Teachings
Blink Transmutation



Glen Bodor

Second place:
Angela: Hunter of Demons
Ricochet: Slinger
Rip Hunter™’s Chalkboard: WHEN AM I?
Blob: Appetite for Destruction
Shriek: Sonic Beam
Wonder Woman: Reflections
Ronin: Between Employers
Iron Fist: The Immortal
Trusted Friend


Brett P

Third place:
Dark Avenger
Vigilante Justice
Batman – Speedy Recovery
Black Adam – Ruler of Khandaq
Dick Grayson – Brand New Bat
Hush – Dr Thomas Elliot
Kyrptonite – Green Death
Alfred Pennyworth – MI-5
Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard – When am I
The Blackbird – Under the Radar


Leigh Holland

Fourth place:
Clayface – the terror
Jubilee – mallrat
Basilisk – Greater Monstrosity
Mimic – borrowed talent
Professer x – no more, magnus
Ronin – between employers
Shriek – sonic beam
Dwarf wizard – paragon zhentarim
Create food and water
Blink transmutation

So what do you guys think? Do these teams surprise you at all?


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