Dice Masters Best of 2017!

TRP's Top Ten New Cards of 2017

Welcome back Dice Fans! Today we’re going to take a look at the teams top 10 new character and action dice additions to Dice Masters.

First are the honorable mentions:

Ras Nsi R – 10th for JT

Green Devil Mask C – 9th for Isaac

Scarlet Witch R (XMFC) 9th for JT

Red Hood C – 7th for Isaac

Jubilee SR – 7th for JT

Now for the TOP TEN!

#10 Knowhere R (4th for Stuart)

Isaac – Knowhere is a solid card allowing you to make cards like the SR What-If’s legitimate players in the game. This card also allows you to swap in the right die from a card when you need it, making some surprisingly fun shenanigan plays possible.

JT – Knowhere is an upgrade engine that can be a centerpiece or support utility. Keep your opponent guessing which direction you’ll go, or make it obvious if you think you can win faster. Either way, the accessibility to previously difficult to purchase characters that this offers is tremendous.

Stuart – The versatility that this offers is unparalleled in the game. Breaking energy purchase restrictions is amazing. We all know how much harder 6 costs are compared to 5 costs. Now there isn’t a difference. And when paired with fabricators that are purchased for the cost of KO’ing something, it is really easy to get to a 7 or 8 cost quickly! Can you tell I love cards that add new, fun, unique, and wild abilities to the game?!

#9 Darkseid SR (8th JT, 9th Stuart)

Isaac – Well, look at this Modern throwback. The only one to make the list from last year’s competitive season. And the one that rose to the top of Nationals. Darkseid SR is an engine that when done right can be destructive in this game, leading to even bigger bodies swinging onto the field.

Stuart – So. Much. Fun. Probably the most fun I’ve even had playing Dice Masters was with this card on my team. It just opens up so many possibilities for cards that otherwise wouldn’t be possible due to price because of the incredible tempo it creates. If you haven’t played with this guy, I HIGHLY suggest it!

#8 Blob R (5th Isaac, 7th Stuart)

Isaac – The Blob is great on all sides, but this rare version is so hard to get around. He can lock down the characters and action dice from purchase and potentially fielding (characters) and removing him with direct damage or combat damage is difficult at best. He is a piece in the control meta that is currently in place in this game and one you don’t want to leave behind.

Stuart – I think this is the first die that stops your opponent from buying a specific action die. That is awesome! We’ve had the 6 cost Dormammu and other things like Scarlet Witch (who almost made the list) and Constantine that can disrupt their use, but this is special. So disruptive, and easy to get out turn 3.

# 7 Norman Osborn SR (2nd Isaac, 5th Stuart)

Isaac – This is my favorite modern SR right now. I love that it reflects back to the time when Gobby ruled the roost with his subtitle, and I love how destructive this can be with the right combo of cards. He isn’t Gobby in that he can go in and be destructive on his own, he needs other Villains to do the work. Awesome thematic card.

Stuart – Mean. Aggressive. Vicious. Just a few things that describe this guy. Worried that your opponent won’t bring you enough villains to make it worth it, just bring the 2 cost common Danger room and make ALL of your opponents dice Villains and/or the uncommon Malekith that makes all of your SK’s Villains and gives them +1. Talk about a Golden Age team with Gobby, NObby and Malekith!

#6 Bishop R (5th JT, 8th Stuart, 10th Isaac)

Isaac – Speaking about control – this is a piece you need in the current meta. Direct damage is out there, and it is painful. There are so many ways to bring it and enhance it, and Bishop shuts it all down. Completely. If you can keep him out and keep him safe, you can protect yourself from a lot of damage.

JT – Like it or not, Bishop can shut down your team. Any card that hard counters entire teams by itself deserves a spot on this list. Bishop is no joke and if you can protect him you can really frustrate your opponent. This is a team’s will be forced to plan for.

Stuart – The first card all three of us had ranked in the top ten! Can I change Bishop and make it a Mask to further infuriate and tilt my opponent with Rare Raven?! That is the the only thing that could make it better. If you are building control (my favorite build personally) then this paired with a when fielded stopper is the Holy Grail. The only problem is, you may be dead by the time you get a 4 and a 5 out……

#5 The Collector R (6th JT and Isaac, 10th Stuart)

Isaac – I love this card. No one card has fundamentally changed how we play this game as much as this did. I can buy my stuff, your stuff – all things for a discount and swing in or use the ”when fielded” quickly. It may be the best way to use ‘when fielded’ abilities, allowing you to get the effect on your turn and your opponent’s turn.

JT – The shenanigans you can pull with this card are amazing. I love that a player was able to pull something like this into the game (2016 World Champion). It brings new ideas, builds, play and counter play to the game like nothing has before. I have a feeling it will consistently be a significant part of the brewing process for many players.

Stuart – This can help. It creates a constant threat of power and control. And can give you the blanking ability right when you need it! Or let you steal something of your opponent to help you win. Talk about fun!

#4 Shriek: Sonic Beam (3rd JT, 4th Isaac, 6th Stuart)

Isaac – The controlliest control piece out there right now, Shriek will give you headaches if you see it on the other side. You have to have an answer for it or be ready with your own control piece. Cheap, easy to by and field, she is a dangerous addition to those who love to slow the game down to a halt.

Stuart – 100% more deadly than her cousin, Dwarf Wizard R, because of the ability to target a card and not an active die. Rip it turn 1 and watch your opponent just sink in their chair. Again, with all of these cards, not only are they important to build around, but you need to have a plan to work around them if you can. Those cards are coming up!

#3 Yuan-Ti Pureblood SR (1st Stuart and JT, 8th Isaac)

Isaac – Yuan-Ti screams victory. She is cheap and devastating, and with her and a cube on the board active, every one of the one cost actions you buy deal massive damage. Doesn’t take too long for that to sail into 20 points of damage, especially with plenty of 1 cost choices you can add to your team.

JT – This character is incredible. It combines a keyword that is good with a new ability that has everything you could want in a win condition, in a cheap body with aggressive stats for the cost. There is virtually nothing not to like.

Stuart – Oh look, another Bolt that just wrecks people…. And something that works with everything else we’re about to talk about…. Yeah, I sense a theme. There really aren’t any real reasons not to have this on your team! Also, what was Isaac thinking?!

#2 Boom Boom SR (2nd Stuart, 3rd Isaac, 4th JT)

Isaac – Boom Boom made a splash in X-Men drafts as the go-to win card in set with Morph, but the SR is where she really shines in the meta. She is a mid to late game bomb that can go in and absolutely devastate a control game where there are a lot of different moving parts on the table.

Stuart – The perfect turn 4-5 purchase to strike fear into your opponent unless they have a way to stop when fielded effects of direct damage. With a fabricator she starts a clock that can’t last more than 3 turns.

And….. I’m sure you’ve guessed it now by process of elimination…




#1 Cosmic Cube R

Isaac – Move over Lantern Ring, there is a new action die climbing to the top. This makes literally everything that deals direct damage better. It is a staple for meta teams right now and moving forward into modern. If your team isn’t using this it had better at least have an answer for it.

JT – Could not agree more, Isaac. This is a meta shaping card if not meta defining. It turns everything into a powder keg and, in the case of Attune, lights the fuse itself.

Stuart – It’s sick and people are going to have to have a plan to fight it. The one positive for opposing players is that you can also take advantage of it on your opponent’s turn.

Well there you have it, the TRP Top 10 New Additions of 2017. What did we miss? Was our list similar to yours? Comment below and let us know! Also, keep an eye out for our Top New Basic Action Cards of 2017 coming soon!

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